Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man ~ Book Review

Charlie (Charlene) Ford is read here a young woman who cannot let go of her past and is terrified to reveal her life to her family ?yet Charlie is one of the most courageous young women readers will have the pleasure of meeting. She is a true modern woman with emotional baggage, stiff language and enough determination to sign on for 8 years in the Special Forces unit Sector 72G and take on a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. Charlie is gainfully employed as a nanny, which funds the strategic goals she has in place. Most of the time, being a nanny is a fine choice of employment, however Charlie&25263; endured too many judgmental parents and click this website is starting to feel less than thrilled about her work. Thankfully, this is the last nanny job she will have to take – if all goes as planned, at least.

Bella (Annabelle) is the teenage daughter of two very famous Hollywood personas and the granddaughter of a highly click more details politically connected man who has upset some very powerful people. Bella struggles to find balance between the disgust and love she harbors for her mother, while secretly hoping her parents can reunite, and is starving for her father&25263; attention. Her anger and teenage assumptions keeps a wall between herself and others. When Charlie arrives, Bella is less than pleased.

Ironically, Bella&25263; father is a famous actor and has taken on a new film assignment that will be shot in Africa ?the very country Charlie had hoped to never see again. On route to the filming location, unidentified hijackers take over the tiny decrepit plane and begin eliminating a few of the passengers. The unexpected rescuer, Duane, is not what he appears to be and he is not thrilled that he was forced to divert from his assignment due to more details the hijacking. Charlie cannot trust this man, but since she depends on him for their safety at the moment, she tries to make the best of a difficult situation.

Accidents, errors, death, several kidnapping and hijacking scenes and the rescue of yet another mysterious man make this high-paced thriller hard to put down. I could have sat and read all day ?in fact, I nearly did. Author JD Tynan has created a solid story line with humorous undertones in her recent novel Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man. The sexual tension between Duane (or whatever his name is) and Charlie was well done and will have romance enthusiasts enthralled. I particularly enjoyed Charlie&25263; character development scenes where she discovers herself and finds peace in her inner world and I found myself envying the bond between Charlie and Bella.

Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher
Author: JD Tynan
ISBN 10: 0-9771971-5-8 (paperback)