Chicago Divorce Advokat Helps Maya Polsky Receive Largest Divorce Settlement In The U.s.

Chicago divorce advokat Howard Rosenthal may have gotten the largest divorce settlement in the history of the United States when he got an award for his client Maya Polsky. Maya Polsky is the wife of Russian native and millionaire Micheal Polsky, and they were married for thirty one years before Micheal filed for a divorce. While he built up their businesses and accumulated wealth, she stayed home to be a housewife and raise their children. He divorce advokat first got an award for Maya in the amount of one hundred and seventy six million dollars, which Mr. Polsky objected to. In an attempt to get the award lowered, the divorce advokat for Micheal Polsky asked the judge to reconsider, citing that Maya Polsky did not contribute greatly to the assets and finances of the couple and because of this did not deserve the substantial amount awarded. This tactic backfired, and Judge William Boyd actually increased the divorce settlement amount, finding that by staying home and taking care of the house and children she allowed Micheal Polsky to take care of business matters without worrying about personal responsibilities, and therefore did greatly contribute to the accumulation of the marital assets.

The divorce advokat for Micheal Polsky was in for a surprise, because not only did Judge Boyd not lower the award he actually raised the award by an additional eight million dollars. love this game The award in this divorce case is the closest thing to an equal asset and financial division in the history of divorce law in the US. This should be a lesson to divorcing couples where one spouse stays at home and takes care of family responsibilities while the other spouse takes care of business and financial responsibilities, and advokater will use this ruling in the future to show that stay at home moms and dads are entitled to an equal share in the marital assets. The advokat for Maya Polsky told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper that as far as he knows this is the largest divorce award ever in the history of the country. Micheal Polsky is the head of Invenergy LLC, and he built his millions in the energy industry. Once the couple owned several homes all over the country, including homes in Colorado, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Glencoe. The divorce advokat for Micheal Polsky had no comment concerning the judge raising the award amount.