How The Nodes Lead You Toward Your Purpose

Unlike the planets, the Nodes have no energy, but they are very important points in your Birth Chart. They show your past and point to your future. The Nodal points arise from the intersection of the Moon’s orbit with the plane of the ecliptic, that is, the path of the Sun and planets as they appear to revolve around the earth.
The South Node can be likened to the Moon, that of our past and the unconscious. The North Node being more like the Sun, that is what we need to grow toward, greater conscious awareness.
The Moon represents mass consciousness with no light of its own; it seeks alliance and approval from others. Within us the Moon’s energy is likened to our inner child; that part of us that needs to feel secure, loved, and reassured before we are able to express ourselves with confidence. This emotional need is symbolized by the Moon in your chart and cannot be neglected, but needs to be recognized and satisfied.
We operate mostly from the Moon in childhood, maybe taking onboard and continuing with our family and inherent patterns. We grow into our Sun, a more individual self expression, in adulthood. This, to a certain extent, mirrors the Nodal axis. Coming from the inheritance of our past with the South Node and growing and developing a stronger sense of individuality toward our Sun.
Life can be lived at various levels of awareness as we grow on our journey through life. You may tanki online cheats hack tool find little meaning of your Nodes during one part of your life, whereas at different times you begin to glimpse something of its message. Understanding this message you begin to connect and work toward your purpose with self assurance because you know you are on the right path.
Reaching your North Node will always take effort and often courage, because you are attempting something new or going into unfamiliar territory. You are leaving the comfort zone of your South Node.
It is important to remember that health and harmony come from proper balance between the past, present and the future, old and new. The key is not to abandon your South Node in favour of your North Node, but to use your South Node as a base of operation while moving forward to your path of the future and purpose.
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