Integrating CodeIgniter and WordPress for Better Functionalities

The question is how integrating CodeIgniter and WordPress for better functionalities help in achieving the desired effect. The answer is as discussed below.

CodeIgniter is one of the most preferred PHP frameworks owing to the fact that it brings versatility to the table. It is a framework that has been developed primarily for PHP coders who need a simple and here elegant toolkit to create fully functional web applications. CodeIgniter is the framework of choice if you want a framework with a smaller footprint and exceptional performance at the same time. Added benefits of using CodeIgniter are seen in almost zero configuration requirements, freedom from restrictive coding rules, availability of clear and thorough documentation and a large and active user base. One of the favorite frameworks of PHP developers, CodeIgniter is built in the true spirit of an Open Source technology. Applications built on the CodeIgniter framework can be integrated into various content management systems; such as WordPress, Joomla and Expression Engine. While Expression Engine which is built with Codeigniter, is the best fit, there are definitely a number of ways to integrate WordPress with CodeIgniter. WordPress being one of the most popular blogging tools in the world is used by most bloggers in a company. The need to integrate CodeIgniter and WordPress arises when customers want to incorporate a blog into their corporate websites which has been originally built on the CodeIgniter framework.

The initial problem which many companies face when they are using both WordPress as well as CodeIgniter is when they want to incorporate CodeIgniter functionality into their WordPress theme files. This becomes evident especially in case when the header and footer which is included in CodeIgniter view files also visit our website needs to be included in the WordPress themes. And more often than not it because a more trying task to have both WordPress and CodeIgniter work in tandem and at the same time avoid repetitions in the code.

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