Kwan Yin, Goddess of Love and Compassion

Kwan Yin, Goddess of love and compassion carries the qualities of the Sacred Feminine. She is also called the Mother of all Buddhas and the Chinese Divine Mother.
Kwan Yin’s qualities of unconditional love and compassion are sought after by spiritual seekers and people in need around the world. These qualities are the same qualities share here of the Sacred Feminine.
By honoring the Sacred Feminine Goddess we help to balance the male female energy within us and in the universe. Kwan Yin, Goddess of love and compassion blesses and empowers the female energy for all beings on Mother Earth.
Kwan Yin dedicated her life to being the expression of unconditional love, compassion and service to humanity. As a result she became a Bodhisattva, which means ”enlightened being.”
Kwan Yin is considered the patron saint of Reiki Healing. Reiki’s original purpose was to help all beings become enlightened. The healing aspect of Reiki was secondary.
As a Bodhisattva Kwan Yin no longer had the need to reincarnate. She has earned the right to transcend the earthly world of suffering and enter buy Office Professional Plus 2016 Key nirvana. Instead she chose to return to earth to help 070-243 deliver others from of pain, suffering and into enlightenment with her.
Kwan Yin and Mother Mary
Kwan Yin and Mother Mary have the same beautiful qualities of love, compassion, mercy and comfort. Both are Mother Goddesses dedicated to helping those in need who are sick, afraid or suffering.
Unconditional love, compassion and mercy are expressed by Kwan Yin and Mother Mary especially when they protect the weak, mothers, babies and children.
For many years now I have focused on healing my heart. With gratitude SY0-401 I attribute that healing to both Kwan Yin and Mother Mary.
Purity and Compassion
Kwan Yin is depicted as dressed in white which reflects her purity of spirit. She is holding a vase that contains the compassion that she pours onto humanity.
Often Kwan Yin is shown seated on a lotus blossom which is the Buddhist symbol of purity and beauty befitting the Sacred Feminine Goddess and Mother of all Buddhas.
Many years ago when I lived in Maui I was introduced to Kwan Yin by my Chinese neighbor. She showed me the statue of the Mother Goddess and explained to me how Kwan Yin answered her prayers for her children and her husband.
At the foot of the altar my neighbor would place fresh fruit as a daily offering to the Chinese Divine Mother. As I tuned into the energy of Kwan Yin I felt relaxed, protected and comforted by her presence much like the energy of Mother Mary.
When we honor the Sacred Feminine presence in Kwan Yin we are honoring and balancing the male female energy within us and in the universe. We elevate our own God and Goddess consciousness as well as all of humanity 700-802 for we are one.
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