Learn the respective benefits of using Yasmin and Evra patch

A combined contraceptive pill and a contraceptive patch may function in the same way in a woman’s body, but in terms of their administration they differ radically from each other. The choice between these contraceptive options needs to be made by a user based on convenience. A combined contraceptive pill like Yasmin is most frequently chosen by sexually active women in the UK due to its facility of convenient usage. However, women who are extremely busy in their daily life or those who don’t want to follow a scheduled way of taking contraceptive pills may find Evra patch more suitable. Due to this reason experts always recommend that a user should focus on her requirement first before making up her mind about choosing a hormonal contraceptive method.
In the UK market there are currently more than 30 types of combined contraceptive pills that are available but the versatile effectiveness of Yasmin has provided it with a leading position in the market. While this pill receives huge customer support, doctors also prescribe it with confidence among users looking for a safe method of hormonal contraception. It has been clinically proven that less than one woman of each 100 Yasmin users become pregnant after using the pill. In addition, women, who have the tendency of weight gaining during birth control pill use, can use this oral contraceptive safely as it reduces the risk of weight gain considerably.
The active ingredients of Yasmin pills are ethinylestradiol and drospirenone. These compounds are synthetic version of the natural sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone that are produced in a woman’s body. The continuous change in the level of these two hormones throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle causes the release of an egg in the ovary. During sexual intercourse sperm fertilise the egg line rangers hack android and a woman becomes pregnant. The synthetic monster legends hack tool hormones of a click more details combined contraceptive pill override the natural change in hormonal level. It stops the release of an egg and chance of conception automatically comes down. Moreover, a pill stops sperm from entering the womb by increasing the density of cervical mucous. Finally, it also changes thickness of womb lining which stops a fertilised egg from growing in the womb. If you are willing, the legally registered online pharmacies offer you with the facility to buy Yasmin online in the UK.
However, to get the best benefit from your treatment it needs to be taken regularly without fail. Any contraceptive pill should be taken daily and that also around the same time. Missing more than two pills may expose you to read more the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Women who are busy in their daily lives or don’t want to follow such schedule may suffer the consequences by missing daily dosages. Evra patch, in such cases, may be a better option. These thin contraceptive patches also contain synthetic oestrogen and progesterone. You simply need to attach one of these to your bare skin, preferably at such locations that doesn’t get rubbed during movement. The hormonal properties of Evra patch get into your blood, override the natural cycle and reduce the risk of pregnancy.