Make A Psychic Dream Pouch To Have Prophetic Dreams

You can obtain psychic visions and messages from the spiritual realms through your dreams. Your dreams open you up to higher levels of knowledge. However, most of the time, you may remember only some parts of your dreams or forget them completely. Sometimes, you do remember them, but only because they replayed something that happened recently.

Your dreams can be a very good psychic tool. However, you should know how to have the right kind of dreams – those which are more psychic in nature. Dreams which show you a replay of the day’s events or your residual memories of it are not always a good basis for interpretation or psychic significance. In fact, these dreams make you feel more tired because it would seem like you lived through your entire day again.

Psychic dreams are those you experience when you are in a fully relaxed state and your subconscious takes over. This means you need to have a ritual prior to sleeping which will relax your mind and body. Apart from that, there are methods you can do to have psychic dreams. You can do these methods so you can regularly dream psychic dreams.

This method for having psychic dreams is a very simple one. All you need to do is have a small drawstring pouch, and any of the following herbs. You can choose to have all, or just one of them, or just select which herbs you like.


Each of these herbs aids in making you receptive to psychic visions and dreams. When you have picked and prepared your herbs and your drawstring pouch, empower them by following these easy steps:

1. Sit down comfortably and place the pouch and herbs in front of you.

2. Do some deep breathing exercises until your body and mind completely relax.

3. Take the pouch and open it to start filling it with the herbs. While doing this, think of the herbs’ natural powers at work, combining to create an effective tool for inviting read more psychic dreams.

4. Tightly close the drawstring pouch when you are done, sealing the powers of the herbs together. The scent that emanates from the pouch reminds you of its powerful energies.

5. Hang your dream pouch over your bed or anywhere near it.

You may replace the contents of your herb pouch once every two weeks, or when you feel like they need to be replaced already. The scent coming from the dream pouch may also indicate if it’s time to change its contents. If you can no longer smell its fragrance or the herbs inside seem too dry, it’s time to replace the herbs.

Don’t forget to take note of all the dreams you have in a dream journal. This will help you remember the psychic dreams you have had and what they signify, should you wish to refer back to them.

If you do not immediately have psychic dreams on the first night after making the pouch, do not worry. You will eventually be able to have and remember more psychic dreams. You also need to be completely at peace in mind and body in order to have psychic dreams. This is why it is important to make sure you are not preoccupied by the day’s events before going to sleep, so that your mind has space to welcome your dreams.