Online industry is booming which is this website why more and more businesses are striving to make an online presence.
Below mentioned are some online shopping businesses that have made a distinct mark for them in the industry.
1. Amazon:
This is one of the smartest shopping logo designs to be ever crafted. A factor that makes this design so popular is the small and subtle reference to the company feature in the emblem. If you notice, there is a small arrow that points from ‘a’ to ‘z’ which shows that the website sells all the products from A-Z. The emblem is created simply in black colors that are readable easily with the small yellow colored arrow being the only symbol that adds a colorful touch.
2. EBay:
This is the world’s largest consumer auction website which caters to buyers and sellers from all around the world. Their emblem is created simply with the company name in thick and small letters that are placed irregularly. The colors used for the text are red, blue, yellow and green. The white background gives it dazzling and attractive look while the bright colors make it perfect to adorn any computer screen.
3. Wal-Mart:
Their check more brand mark contains the company name in blue color with an image of an abstract sun accompanying the name. The combination of blue and yellow color for the emblem assures the viewers that the company is environmentally friendly whiles more information the slogan “Save Money. Live Better” appeals to the cost efficient audience.
4. Best Buy:
Their brand mark is crafted like a price tag that is attached to things. The prominent colors used in the emblem are yellow and the text is written with black. The emblem is placed at an alignment which adds an air of innovation and imagination to it.
5. Macy’s:
This monogram is created in simple, thin fonts that are accompanied with an image of a star. The red colored star is the only thing that adds color to the black and white emblem.
6. Sears:
This double lined dark blue emblem is accompanied by a red mark beneath the company name. Dark blue color depicts trust and dependability towards the brand while red adds an attractive touch to the design.
7. Target:
If your company is target, then there is no other image more appropriate to adorn your trademark sign than an image of a bull’s eye. The small red colored bull’s eye that is accompanying the business name is intimidating and eye catching. Even the target logo shopping bags are dazzling and can be identified from a distance. The straight fonts of the text show that the corporation means business and that they are here to stay.
Hence, for an online business, make sure that your trademark sign is bright, attractive and easily readable so that it is easier for the customers to recognize and memorize it.