Nearly all web marketing gurus see eye to eye ?One of the big keys to effective web marketing is via the use of articles.

Now that you think you want to leverage the opportunity of web marketing using articles, you have to try your hand at writing articles to please three, extremely different readers with the same article.

Three targets of article marketing
The three targets of article marketing and how to write good headlines for each:

Readers – Ultimately, these are the individuals who will decide that they are interested in what you do sufficiently to come pay your site a visit. You must write a headline that will draw your readers to actually read your article in the first place. You need to attract the reader to dig further into your article and actually pay attention to your words.

80% of readers will read your headline, but only 20% will make it to your article. How effectively your headline is written will decide the reader&25263; next step.

Readers can find your article headline on social networking hangouts like Digg, as links in an message from a buddy, and in their Yahoo results. If your headline does not appeal to them enough to read your article, you just won&25264; get readership, even if you have the best message or service on the planet. You could provide the cure to AIDS, but with a poorly constructed headline no one will want to read about it.

Search Engines – Google and the like agree that the web page title is share here the most significant on-page indicator of the content of the page. Coming in second place is the use of the heading tag. When your article is published, publishers have a tendency to make either or both the title and H1 tag the same as your article title. So, having words in your article title which are important to those searching for information increase your chances of showing up in search engine results.

You must have your keywords in the headline and as close to the beginning as reasonable to still appease the other two audiences.

Publishers – One of the reasons article marketing visit more information is so effective is the viral mass-publication process. This is the chief reason article marketing is so powerful. One well-written article can get published on a thousand places around the globe in only a few weeks.

These are the folks who determine whether your article is published on their site, newsletter, blog, etc. They are a pesky hybrid of both readers and the likes the Google. They need to understand your article will attract search engine users but also make their readers happy. But, if they share this website don&25264; find your article because the poor headline doesn&25264; come up in their Google results, or the headline fails to draw them in to read it ?you miss the boat.

One could say that publishers can make or break an article&25263; success and by satisfying the needs of readers and search engines you can get on their good side as well.

Writing Headlines for All Three
This article’s title was written specially to provide an example of meeting the needs these three audiences. As you can see, the first three words of the article headline are Yahoo fodder – they are a blending of two greatly sought phrases, and those words are the very first in the headline.

The first words also tell you what you will learn when you read the article. The last part hypnotizes you and sucks you further in. It promises a topic of interest that will give you what you&25262;e hoping to gain or learn about. It causes you to ask yourself, ”I&25254; curious what lesson I can take away from this article? and so you keep reading, just as you did.

Armed with this information, you can now write great article headlines that get noticed, get published, and get people coming to your site. Get out there, get writing, and cash in.