A lot of marketing tips and tricks revolve around getting potential client interaction-getting them involved into the pitch. Then other strategies include getting your adverts and monetization tools noticed by entertaining your website’s visitors. Then there are other styles that avoid direct marketing approaches that could make people actually avoid the ads and marketing pitches before they start because most of the time they just become annoyed with such approaches.
It’s to use all these facets of marketing and use thm in one approach; you should create online quizzes that relate to the industry your business is in, then give out information connected to the industry and your products, or better yet, give out freebies as prizes. Let’s say for example your goods and services are related to the health and wellness industry, then the online quizzes you’d be using that relate to the industry should ask your website’s visitors to answer a short questionnaire to see how much they know about healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. After the quiz they’ll get connected information that not only relates the quiz to your goods and services but promotes it by informing them of the features and advantages of your products, and then samples and freebies will be offered as prizes. In a marketing flow, the pattern would be like:
Quiz questionnaire
The topic should be about healthy lifestyles and wellness. Questions should be geared to advocate healthy lifestyle, exercise, eating habits, or supplements depending on what your products are. Questions should raise curiosity and peak the interest of the person taking the quiz.
Quiz results
Show the results of the quiz; perhaps an analysis of how well the person who took the quiz knows about the topic or better yet how ideal that click this site person’s lifestyle / eating habits / workout regime is. Give out related information that the visit more visit our website information person who took the quiz would like to know, but always connect it to the product. This is where the main sales pitch comes in by mentioning the features of the product and the advantages the person would get from the features or the product itself.
Quiz prize
Time to close the pitch with a freebie give away. Understandably, most marketers would be loathe to give away something free without getting anything back and letting the potential customer walk away, so why not make subscription to http://www.topelevenhackcheats.net/topelevenhack/ the website a prerequisite for the freebie? In fact, if you could give away a free trial that requires the potential customer to give you his or her email address, that would be ideal . Explain that you’ll be sending him or her related information not only about the prizes but updates about the product and any offers, as well as health and wellness news and what-nots.
Through such online quizzes designed to peak interest and slightly challenge visitors in a fun manner, then educating them more about the industry and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle (again through exercise or supplements or nutritional shakes depending on what your product is) all the while selling your products and their advantages, and then finally pleasantly surprising the visitors with a freebie as a prize (by simply subscribing to the website ), you get an interactive and fun way to market your products and start a healthy relationship with a potential long term client without scaring them away before you begin with conventional-and often annoying-marketing.