Star Tattoo Designs

Tattoo as body art has belong to more popular than ever. public are in search of different tattoo designs which they can use for their tattoos. One of the most popular tattoos are star tattoo designs. The tattoos of stars are not only popular among men, except that they are also popular among women. There are various proof for the same. Apart from the different meanings (which we will shortly see), one can use star tattoos as they do not require a larger canvas. The chances of these tattoos going wrong are also minimal, as they do not have a complicated design. As a matter of fact, a small and simple black star tattoo also makes for an interesting design.

Star Tattoo Meanings

Not all tattoo designs have meanings attached to them. However, it is not the same with star tattoos. There are deep star tattoo meanings. Star tattoos have effective symbolic and metaphysical meaning. They have been a break of a number of cultures. There are also religious meanings attached to them. In some cultures the stars are often seen as a part of witchcraft and evil spirits. In Jewish population a six pointed star is used as a symbol of faith. In Christianity, they are seen as a symbol of angels. The type and style of the star has an important role to play in the click more meaning of the design. Star tattoos have also been looked upon as a symbol of aspiration and goals made in life. The number of interest in the star also change the meaning attached to the design. At the same time, a number of population opt for star tattoos only for the beauty of the design attached to it and not for any specific meaning.

Star Tattoo Designs

There are many star tattoo designs from which one can choose to purchase a tattoo made. These tattoos can be placed on various parts of the body. They can be made as ankle tattoos, on foot, on wrist, shoulder, etc. because there are no strict rules about these designs, they can be made according to your sole discretion.

Shooting Star Tattoo Designs
The shooting star tattoos were popularized by celebrities sporting these tattoos. There are diverse and original designs, which one can make using the shooting star tattoo designs. They can be used to commemorate a special occasion in life. They are often made on the wrist and on the shoulders.

Pentagram Star Tattoo Designs
The meaning of this star read more tattoo changes depending on whether the star allowance upwards or downwards. If the star is facing downwards, it is looked upon as a Satanic symbol. On the other hand, when the star is pointing upwards it stands for protection, balance, etc. The four portion of the star are said to correspond to the four elements in nature, while the fifth point is said to be Spirit, who rules over the elements. If sense of harmony is what you want, then this is an apt tattoo design. A lot of culture opt for pentagram star tattoo designs for foot.

The Star of David Tattoo Designs
The Star of David is a six pointed star. It has religious significance attached to it. David is said to have carried a shield, which looked similar to a six pointed star in the battle against Goliath, where Goliath was defeated. It is looked upon as divine interaction with humans. The other click here meaning attached to this design is that of Seal of Solomon, also known as Creator’s Star. A number of followers of Jewish faith are seen wearing this small star tattoo.

Septagram Star Tattoo Designs
A septagram tattoo is also known as seven pointed star tattoo. A septagram is linked to astrology and corresponds to the seven planets. Among the star tattoo designs for guys, this is the perfect symbol because it denotes a cool male. At the same time, there are a number of beliefs associated with the number seven. The number 7 is associated with luck and fortune. Star wrist tattoos are often made using septagram star.

Falling Star Tattoo Designs
It is seen, that a falling star fulfills all wishes. It can be used to make a tattoo design. It is regularly used to make star tattoos for girls. A falling star tattoo design makes for a beautiful, bright and happy symbol and does accentuate the look of the design. When a single falling star is made, it is seen as a symbol of positiveness and happy person. Hence, among the star tattoo designs for girls is a falling star tattoo. It is also a popular star wrist tattoo design.

Tribal Star Tattoo Designs
If you are fond of tribal tattoo designs, then you may like the tribal star tattoo designs. They are often made in conjunction with animal or plant tattoo design and symbolize strength and fertility among other things. For star tattoos on foot, they make a perfect design.

Nautical Star Tattoo Designs
The nautical star tattoos for desire have been associated with the sailors. However, since the past century, they are also associated with soldiers who are going on a mission overseas. The nautical star tattoo meaning is different for different public. For sailors and soldiers they are seen as a talisman, who will protect them from dangers and see them back home safely. Taking cue from this, it is now also looked upon as a talisman to see population through life in their bad times. If you are looking for star tattoo designs on hip, then you may want to learn nautical star tattoos on hips. For different nautical star tattoo designs, take a look at
Nautical Star Tattoos on the Ribs
Nautical Star Tattoos on Wrist
Nautical Star Tattoos on Foot
Nautical Star Tattoos for Guys
Nautical Star Tattoos for Girls
Star tattoo designs can be made as armbands as efficiently. You will be able to achieve a number of star designs which you can use to make a tattoo. At the same time, you can be creative and design a tattoo for yourself. It can also be used in conjunction with other tattoo designs. Talking to the tattoo artist may also prove to be of assist to you for choosing the right tattoo design. After you buy a tattoo made, tattoo care is very important, so that there is no infection and the tattoo heals faster.

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