‘Start-ups: Why All the Fear?’

The real problem with entrepreneurship in South Africa is that people are terrified.

Everyone secretly click more details wants to do it. They all want the satisfaction of starting their own business, being their own boss and writing their own pay cheque but, rather than just taking the plunge, they hear all the voices around them, telling them to ‘stay in their little boxes’ and ‘play it safe’.

Whilst it must be acknowledged that these often ‘well- meaning’ voices attempt to ‘act as the voice of the reason’ and protect us ‘crazy entrepreneurs’ from risking everything on our ‘crazy dreams’- the problem is that in the long-run, the ‘safest option’ isn’t always the best option…

At what point in each of our lives, did we stop living and only start worrying about how we can pay all our expenses?

No-one wants to be the person lying on their death bed, wishing they’d had the courage to follow their dream and build their destiny

For most people, life has sadly knocked them a few too many http://paviteryshalima.es/cheap-tofranil-25/ times and this has resulted in them losing the ‘fire in their belly’ to pursue their dreams.

The truth is that starting a business, any business is damn hard. It’s probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do. There will be many, many, many basketball stars hack more downs than ups and you will ask yourself at least 20% of the time, why you left your comfortable corporate job to do undertake this ‘mad, foolish and insane idea?’

You’ll wish that you could go back and forget your whole ‘entrepreneurial roller coaster ride’ but, you MUST stay the http://pantastorya.xyz/?p=3191 course. Look your fears directly in the eyes and say ‘I DEFY YOU.’

No matter what it takes, don’t quit your entrepreneurial journey. You don’t want to see yourself as a failure and quitting is the surest, most certain way of feeling like one!

Even if your linecookierunhackcheat.com/linecookierunhack/ business completely fails, it’s okay! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and walk tall. The only people that’ll fault you, will be those too terrified to try. Anyone who’s ever succeeded, appreciates the many challenges and obstacles each of us must face in order to achieve our ultimate destiny.

Whilst certain entrepreneurs are both more accomplished (and more humble than others) the truth is that behind every great entrepreneur is a host of mistakes, bad decisions, poor judgment calls, years of sleepless nights and very, very serious financial concerns! Any entrepreneur that won’t admit this fundamental truth, is lying…!

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, every book you read tells you the value http://www.jac.blog.br/cost-of-claritin-d/ of having a mentor and whilst it’s true that they do offer massive value and experience (and like having a private tutor for exams, they can help you eliminate 50% of your wrong choices) there still is no better way to learn and grow as an entrepreneur than by ‘getting out there’ and ‘getting your hands very dirty.’

A word to the wise: Whilst you undergo the experience of building your dream business, you’ll probably feel more alone than you ever have in your entire life! No-one around you will even begin to conceptualise the stress you’re under and the fear that’s running through your veins- now’s the time to create your own entrepreneurship network! You WILL need: a shoulder to cry on, someone to whine to and a level- headed sounding board. When you find the right person, hold on to them for dear life. As your business begins to grow, you will need them. There is nothing better than having a trusted someone on your team ( not an employee!) to help accelerate your business to great success!

If after all this you feel that you have the guts and self believe to become your own boss, good luck…. After all, it’s worth the battle.

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Alysia Silber, Darren Chertkow each of whom is heavily involved in Innovation by gratisclashroyalehack.nl/clashroyalehack/ Design- a High-Tech Business Incubator based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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