Starting a Family During a Recession

According to statistics compiled by MSNBC there were more babies born in 2007 than in any other year during history. Suffice it to say that there were quite possibly a click more details great many people Visit here who had a secret inkling of the impending recession whose hormones and biological clocks were ticking with accuracy. History tells us with the Great Depression and the Energy crisis of 1976 that during a recession there is a remarkable dip in the amount of babies born. And of the babies born during a recession, more pregnant mothers and newborns experience health problems attributed to less health care and a lack of nutrition from pinching pennies on grocery bills. This definitely makes great coffee house conversation or round table political banter; however there is more to consider than money when the time to have children is right.

Women have been led to believe for years that there is a small window of time when their eggs are peaking. After this fertile time, these same women are told that they will have problems conceiving, risk of genetic birth defects and higher incidences of pregnancy related problems that could lead to still birth or miscarriage. If you are one of those women who are in the midst of their click more fertile time, waiting for the recession to clear can feel like an eternity. And the what if’s are endless. Not to mention, that this current recession might not be a recession at all and just merely a friendly reminder from the universe that we have to live a bit simpler to experience true happiness in our lives.

Still, one would think with more people unemployed and more people spending time at home to avoid the costs of going out that a baby boom would ensue. What are all these couples doing home alone for endless hours if they are not having sex? Obviously, the question is whether or not to start a family during a recession. The answer is largely dependant upon who you ask, but here is a snap shot of the opinions of someone with a family that has no financial background and could care less about the politics of money.

No matter what or when, when children come along you will be broke. At the same time, for being broke your children are still fed and wearing decent clothes and your car, although maybe not brand new, somehow gets filled up with gas every week. During those weeks when living paycheck to paycheck is the best you can do, you realize that you have a pantry full of food you may have never thought about eating and that as long as you have coffee to keep you awake ?you are easily satisfied. And, the kids ?they don’t notice the recession at all unless mom and dad are always complaining.

No matter where you live or how much money is in your savings account, the basic things that children need can be provided for by loving parents. Yes, children can make the lack of money more frustrating and more noticeable but there is more to a family than finances. In a perfect world, everybody would have the house, SUV, fenced in yard, bulging 401K and the rainy day funds to weather any storm life has to offer. But, for most people with integrity and morals, they get by during a recession just fine. While having a child may be expensive, for most couples it is a replacement for other things that are expensive like getting your nails done or having a useless golf membership. (Sorry guys) The adage, the more you make the more you spend stands true and waiting until you make more only indicates that it will take more to support you. This forces you in to an endless circle of thinking and rethinking the choice to start your family. And when one day finally comes, when the world is financially balanced ?it might just be too late.

As expensive as children are to raise, it shouldn’t cause this feeling of doom for couples thinking about a family. You have to have some faith in your abilities, your support system and in the sheer evidence that your previous life has given you ?which is that you will be okay and provided for. No, not the law of attraction where you imagine your future and wait for it to fall into your lap ?but the law of life that has proven to give you more than you could ever use already. Don’t believe it, take some time to count your blessing and write them down. Before long you will end up with a book that includes many things except for the ones that you want the most. The sound of little feet on your hardwood floors.

Believe it or not, lots of people wouldn’t even know we were in a recession if it wasn’t being reported every hour of the day on television. We would just think that gas prices have gone up and that there is a cow shortage causing milk prices to rise. Think for a minute how differently things might be should we be focusing on our gains rather than our losses. And while you and your partner may be doing fine right now and worried about lay off ?this isn’t a worry that will go away when the recession ends. In fact, millions of people ?good people who happen to be parents ?lose their job every year whether we are in a recession or not. And while it feels like the end of the world, it isn’t! With perseverance, creativity, stamina and something like children to feed at home you will find that you are able to get by for as long as it takes.

Financial analysts are scratching their heads at this article. They worry that the author is half mad, perhaps blissfully unaware of just how bad things are. In many aspects that is true largely in part because there are children around who make the recession seem like nothing more than a boil on the butt of life. There is also the quite obvious realization that waiting for your ship to come in, waiting for the right time and over planning life is just another form of procrastination. Life rarely goes as planned and most of the time; especially when your children are born; this is an amazing gift.