Starting a Family Exercise Program

Did you know that as high as 46% of all children today are overweight or obese? According to the Center for Disease Control, children today are aging at rapid speeds and experiencing illnesses and diagnoses that have normally been saved for much older adults. The reason is because as a whole ?society is exercising less. In a way, it is ironic that even though you see a gym on nearly every strip mall corner- more people than ever are in poor health. If you are a raising a family, it is important in numerous ways to ensure that you and your children are getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. Daily!

Many people blame this couch potato society on technology and things like video games. Today, we can do virtually anything without leaving the sofa. Television has definitely made it easier to stay home and planted on the couch as well. If you can sit down for an hour just to watch a bunch of people try to lose weight on one of the new reality shows, then obviously there is a problem. Unfortunately, this excuse really isn’t a good one. The trick if finding balance between your responsibilities and your health and making the decision that your health and the health of your children is a priority.

First of all, exercise should be fun. Far too many people hear the word exercise and experience nervous tension and dread. If you told your children they had to go running for an hour every day, they would meet the task with resentment. But exercise doesn’t have to be anything planned or routine. You don’t have the sims freeplay hack Tool to own any exercise equipment or buy some fancy DVD’s to teach you how. Exercise can be done sitting in your living room floor, walking around your house and doing tons of things that are fun as a family together. Set up a volleyball net, a basketball goal or go for a click here weekend hike together. Not only do these things not cost any money, but also they are fun and get every member of the family up and moving. When you plan activities that match you and your children’s interests in the great outdoors, you get exercise while enjoying yourself.

The more you and your kids get up and moving, the better you will feel. Trainers caution people from enrolling in a gym or exercise class on a whim. Rather they suggest that you make one change a week that your family can live with. Stop buying sodas. Or gather everyone for an evening walk after dinner before everyone reverts to his or her computers or cell phones. What comes next can make exercising and keeping your family healthy much easier. The domino effect of feeling great will give you the initiative to be even more creative finding exercise ideas for your family. When you do it together ?each of you has a much better chance of sticking with the changes for life.

Kids who grow up active and are encouraged to get outside and play ?are remarkably healthier than their lackadaisical counterparts are. However, it has to start with the parents. If mom and dad are lazy, satisfied doing nothing and packing on the weight ?chances are your children will follow suit. After all, it is easier. On the flip side ?if you invoke a respect for the human check here body and the benefits of exercise and nutrition, your children too will follow suit. Start an exercise program base don things you can do around the home. As your family starts exercising more regularly ?you can add things like a gym membership or exercise class if you wish. When exercise becomes fun instead of work ?the health of your entire family can change.