Starting A Web Based Business: The Mystery Of The 9 To 10 Ratio.

Where do people go wrong when starting a Web based business?

For many, success online seems out of reach. We always hear about 9 out of 10 people failing at a Web based business. Why is this? Why is this number so out of proportion?

While Starting a Web based Business myself, I realized a great truth that had never been exposed to me before.

It made me wonder….why isn’t everyone doing this?

Solving the Mystery of Web based Business Failure!

There’s no doubt, business online is booming!

However, the truth is, only a small percentage of people are really successful with a Web based business. Why is this?

There many reasons people fail at anything I suppose, but why are the numbers so lopsided in this equation??? To find out, we sent a man on a journey, a quest to discover the path towards a successful Web based business startup.

In the beginning the Internet was a small network of mainframe computers all connected together. It eventually transformed into a massive communication networking system to PCs, laptops, and now even your cell phone. Every man woman and child on Earth can connect to this communication the sims freeplay hack Tool network.

The man on a quest for how to start a Web based business was wondering this massive network one day, in search of online riches and fame. Like many before him, he was enticed by the stories of millions being made online and he wanted a slice of that cyber pie.

‘So how do you start a Web based business?’ he wondered. I’ll research from the Web gurus who have already made it big. Surely they know the secret formula to staring a Web based business and basketball stars hack becoming rich. After all, just look at the pictures of the checks they’re displaying on their websites.

The man encounter many Web pros and gurus along the way. Some wearing sunglasses, others in suits. They had a loyal following with testimonials and pictures as well. ”Surely this is where everyone starts their Web based business” he said to himself. ”I too can be making huge somes of money in just one week!” he exclaimed.

And with that, he was off. He signed up, made the investment, and bought the program that would show him how to be an online success. With stars in his eyes and an aptitude for wealth, the man started his Web based business.

A month later, the man started getting restless. He’s been following what the Web gurus told him, but he still wasn’t seeing his money coming in. ”Hmmmm”, he wondered. ”Maybe I need to learn more about this area of online marketing or the secrets to traffic generation? If only I could find out how to do it” the man thought. And so he bought more and more expensive books on the subjects.

In time, the man became so obessed by his search for riches and expensive information online that he lost contact with the ones he loved. He became isolated. A mad man in search of online riches.

Finally, one day the man vanished. He was no longer seen online. What had happened??? Did fall into the black whole where 9 out of 10 people end up? Tragicallly, this is the path for many looking to start a Web based business. The search for money first ultimately ends up in failure. Those promoting expensive products from naive newbies probably do make a nice penny off of their expensive sales. However, this is not Web based business at it’s finest.

A few years after the man had disappeared, he was spotted online again. This time, with the support of his friends and family. He was happy and smiling again. What had changed? Did he finally hit it big online and was now living freely in the Carribean somewhere?

Or maybe he discovered the truth……the truth to starting a Web based business must come from within.

The man soon discovered that had something within himself and his family that was worth far more than false hopes and big money promises. Starting a Web based business, all of the same principles apply as they do in the physical world. If someone approached you and promised you riches for a high price, would you pay him? Probably not.

Now, if someone had a great idea for a successful business, would you be interested? I would say, 9 out of 10 people would say ”yes!”

Remember this:

”A business should always be a part of society.

It should always act responsibly.

The purpose of business is to create a customer.

A business should always make something that people want to buy.

Businesses should never try to trick people and business should never be greedy.”

The purpose of business is to serve society. If people get rich as a result, that is their fair reward.” This statement was made back in the 1950s by management guru Peter Drucker. Mr. Drucker’s words ring louder than every today as he once predicted that; ”Information will have more value than oil and gold someday.”

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