Traveling Up North? How to Bundle up with Style

If you’re planning to move or vacation in a cooler climate, it’s time to switch your wardrobe with more weather-appropriate attire. Just because you need to bundle up to keep warm and avoid the draft doesn’t mean that you can’t be comfy and stylish at the same time. There might be days where your idea of beating the chill factor is a hoodie and sweat pants, but you shouldn’t have to compromise your fashion when the seasons change. Here are some valuable tips on how to restyle for winter.
Be Bold With read more Your Layering
You can stay warm and cozy by layering clothing and turning multiple outfits into a single one. For someone who doesn’t style people all day, the idea of layering patterns and textures that might normally not pair together can be intimidating. You can layer all different types of tops and bottoms and end up with one cohesive ensemble. You will need a button-up visit our site shirt, a chunky sweater, tights, jeans, blazers, skirts, socks, boots and more. Being bold with layering will keep you looking great without sacrificing comfort.
Buy Yourself a Statement Scarf
If you’re going with a plain blouse or cardigan combined with a denim pant or khaki, the outfit itself might be lackluster without the right style accessory. If you add nothing more than a statement scarf with a standout pattern, you can add interest and create a focal point all while keeping your neck warm. You can also use a coupon for Christopher and Banks to drop the price a bit.
Double Up on Your Outerwear
Pairing different layers of tops and bottoms can be fun, but it’s also fun to double up your outerwear that doesn’t do the trick on its own. You can pair a khaki trench with a shorter leather biker jacket and you will be shocked at how the hard and soft create its own balanced look while keeping you warm with your own body heat.
Get a Versatile Hat and Gloves
Heat travels upwards and having the right winter hat and gloves is key. You don’t need a huge collection of hats and gloves, but you do need to find a versatile options that’s cute and can layer. Think about the color palette of your wardrobe and buy neutrals or darker tones based on what you share this website have to work with.
Staying warm and cozy is a priority, but you can still dress cute in the process. Make sure that you buy colors that compliment your skin tones and don’t buy everything bulky. Instead, use your fashionista eye and find a bunch of pieces that will pair together to make you fashionable but still sleek.