Treasure Hunting With HIPAA Training Course

Some people taking a HIPAA training course may find it rather tedious to attend the training. However, HIPAA does not need to be so theoretical all the time. For people who easily bore to tears, you may add some twist to your training program. Among the interesting methods you may use to avoid boring training is to integrate a number of informational yet fun games to your program. Among the best games you may include in your program agenda which the employee trainees can surely enjoy is the HIPAA treasure hunt.

Treasure hunting is a very familiar game especially to kids and kids at heart. HIPAA treasure hunting games can be like alone the same lines as those people know about with traditional treasure hunting games. The only difference is that it is done for educating people. The HIPAA treasure hunt game is played to edify employee-trainees about exactly how one can recognize a HIPAA rules breach. This particular game can be done through the following procedure.

1. Let the trainees leave the conference madden mobile hack cheats online area. Have them stay outside and then rearrange the entire area. Do whatever needed to make the area look a lot like a medical office or a clinic perhaps.

2. Let the trainees group themselves and form small teams and then instruct them to re-enter the conference area. Give each team a single paper with a written clue on it.

3. Each team should find and follow the first clue in order to get the next clue, and so on.

4. The first team to solve all clues wins the game.

The clues must be related to HIPAA privacy law to make it relevant to the training’s topic. A good sample clue may say ”He left me on” or perhaps ”I am left alone unattended”. This may represent a computer system that was left unattended and is not protected with strong password. In connection to the HIPAA privacy law, the computer system that contains all the essential details and medical records of the clients and patients should be protected by a rather strong password to ensure data security. Moreover, keeping the computers locked and password protected is an excellent illustration of technical medical records safeguarding.

The team who are most familiar with the HIPAA rules and regulations as well as the grounds of HIPAA violations will surely have an easier time enjoying this particular game. In visit our website addition to that, this game can help trainees learn faster and can help them remember the rule as it is seen and experienced by them already. Also, this game can help participants avoid common office infringement and can help keep a HIPAA compliant office environment.

There are actually a lot more fun games you may integrate with your HIPAA course of training. Say for example a HIPAA relay where you let the participants fall in line and have them relay the message from the first person to the second and then so on. Messages to be relayed should be linked with the HIPAA training course as well.

For more information, please visit our HIPAA Training Course website.

For more information, please visit our HIPAA Training Course website