Treating Insomnia – How To Use Positive Thoughts To Overcome Insomnia

Are you interested in learning how to relieve insomnia naturally, without using prescription medicines? Read this article to discover one strategy that can really help.
If you struggle to fall asleep or to sleep through the night, it may be check here time to change your thinking.
Negative thoughts about sleep can literally keep you awake. When you have them at bedtime or while you’re awake in the night, negative sleep thoughts can have the effect of making you feel anxious, frustrated or stressed, and thus can create another sleepless night.
A negative sleep thought sounds like this:
I don’t think I can fall asleep
I can’t sleep without a pill
This is going to be another sleepless night
This is more information getting worse
I need more sleep
If you have thoughts like these, you need to replace them with more positive ones that will help you feel less anxious and frustrated about insomnia.
As a result you will relax and sleep sooner and better.
Here’s how to replace any negative thoughts you have about sleeping.
Step One – visit our website write down in your own words any negative thoughts you have about sleeping like the ones above.
Step Two – Turn the negative thoughts into positive ones. Here are some examples:
I always fall back to sleep sooner or later
I need less sleep than I think
My sleep is getting better and better
My sleep improves as I think positive sleep thoughts
Step Three – Rewrite and repeat your positive thoughts throughout the day. When you have a free moment, go ahead and repeat the thoughts mentally and even write them down. In this way you are literally reprogramming yourself to sleep better and easier.
Tip – As you write and repeat your positive sleep thoughts, really pay attention to how those thoughts make you feel.